How it startet….

Everything startet end of December, when I thought, I have a „normal“ Breast inflamation. In January I was treated twice with antibiotics, which did not help, but the inflammation got worse. Than mammography and ultrasound, than I the doctor took with a syringe some material to test and found no tumour cells!

Happily I went to Brazil in February and we began search for a house. The inflammation got worse and I went to another doctor, who at once told me about breast cancer, when he saw the swollen, red and hot breast. What a shock! Again mammography and ultrasound and he ordered immediately a biopsy (to take material and skin). The first diagnose was already breast cancer and the material was going to a laboratory for more tests to find the kind of cancer and how aggressive it is. Now I got two incisions and a breast in all colours – looking a bit like Frankenstein’s bride ;o)

Than everything started, I had examinations the whole week, CT of thorax,  CT of organs, X-rays of my bones (I am banned  wholly on a sheet of paper now, looking forward to see how it looks like – most probably more slim ;o)

Diagnose is now, inflammatory breast cancer, which is more aggressive than a knot but also responses faster and better to chemo therapy, which will begin on Thursday. All my doctors have convinced me, that it is curable and just takes time and energy. Because of this I am looking very positive into my future and started the fight against Saul!


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