3 days without internet, if one needed them most…

that is almost like in china here!!! I don’t believe it, during a thunderstorm a flash stroke somewhere the internet provider they needed 3 days to return internet to half the city! And this at the most important days of my life now… So, as Norbert wrote already – I AM FINE!!!! The chemo lasted about 3 hours, first I got a solution for helping me with the chemo and taking care of my organs. Than more 3 chemo solutions. One of it was bright orange, but afterwards I was not feeling bad. A bit tired and after 3 litres of water with a really full stomach, I went early to bed. The water I lost the natural way and the stomach felt better afterwards. The day afterwards I slept a lot, but was already shopping with Josi and also at the pharmacy, where I got a shot, which I will get the next 10 days. At night I didn’t sleep a lot, so I am really tired today. But I had to go to a doctor again, this time an orthomologist, who is helping me in receiving the minerals and vitamins back, I am losing during the therapy. Afterwards I had a good lunch finally (potatoes, rice, vegetable and a grilled salmon not only vegetable soup and fruits) – you won’t believe it, what a difference this makes – I felt instantly better! I could do more shopping afterwards! But now I am happy to be back home and rest a bit – before we will visit friends! You see, I am really well! If this stays like this the next days (the say, the first 3-4 days are the worst), than I can get the last 5 chemo therapies without bigger problems.


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