How were my first 10 days after the chemotherapy?

Well, all I can say, I am really feeling great. All in all, the most I feel is tiredness. I almost every day sleep a little bit at afternoons or sometimes even up to 2 hours, also depending what activities I had before. And second most I have diarrhoea, which is really annoying. From Sunday on I had some days I couldn’t stay far away from a toilet, and therefore had to cancel some things, but this is much better now. Some other side effects were headache, bone ache, heat and sweating, but all this is bearable and I had it just for one day or hours or every now and than.

Well, I think, what helps me a lot, to go through this so well, is a lot of medication. I get something for the stomach, something against sickness, shots for the immune system (one a day for 10 days after the chemo, which I have to get done in the pharmacy here!) and I also got an addition to my alimentation from Germany. It is called Madaus Immun, which is a high powered mixture of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, trace elements and others. This should help me get back all the lost vitamins and minerals and to get my immune system up again. I also have a lot of information about accompanying treatments for cancer therapy, which I have to read through thoroughly and to decide, what and which I will try and could be good for my.

Thursday I had an appointment with my doctors, to check my stitches and to tell my about the results of the biopsy. Well, I really was nervous about the stitches! They have been healing very well and thus could be removed. Yeah, what a thought – at this sensible spots! I really was starting to sweat! But all in all, it was a laugh, no problems at all!

Now the results of the biopsy: We knew already, it is an inflammatory breast cancer. But now they got the so-called tumour markers, which indicate e.g. how aggressive the cancer is. I got all the tumour markers in my favour! One of them tells us, we can use a very good working medication, which is new and promising. Another indicates that the cancer is only in one breast and not in the second one. All in all, the results are very positive. Like I already wrote, the cancer is very aggressive, but also responding very good and rapid to the chemotherapy. Also all the other check ups have had good results, the bone x-rays, the thorax tomography, the organ checks, all is ok there! The technology is so advanced by now, if you could see the spectacular pictures of these tests, you would be as amazed as I am. Well, I am trying to put some copies in the blog, hope it works out…

This week, I was back at the social project CPTI, I worked for 3 years ago. (unfortunately the page is only in Portuguese, but the pictures tell a lot!) It was so good to be back! I met my new colleagues and had to struggle to understand all the changes and new projects. Three years are a long time and there changed really a lot! Now I try to be there once a week and I am really looking forward to it! I also drove for the first time again with my Troller a 4×4 off-road car, see the picture from yesterday! What a fun, driving again! The only sad thing, we can’t do the Copa Troller (Rally Troller) next week, because Norbert is in Germany. But next year we’ll be back!!!! Just wait!!! :o)


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