Copa Troller – with hairs, the day after – without hairs…

You are going not to believe it, yesterday I took part in the Copa Troller, a off-road rally just for Troller cars. I only wanted to take part of the party, but a friend convinced me to participate with his wife as pilot and I am navigating. But it was sooo cool to drive off-road again and also at a rally. My Troller looks really nice with all the stickers! (See the picture at the German article below). We had so much fun. Because of my back, we could not go with the right velocity, but believe it or not, we weren’t the last ones arriving! :o) But how much fun we had! Also because of my hairs, which are falling out heavily since yesterday. “We cannot leave the window open, my hairs are going to fly away!” :o) I also met a lot old friends, which were coming to drive the rally. It was such a fun day yesterday!

Today I had to wake up at 3 o’clock in the morning, because the driver was picking me up to fetch Norbert at the airport. He didn’t know this and was really surprised! After this we came back to the hotel and I wanted to take wash my hairs, because over night there have been falling out a lot. But in the shower it started really. Now I have only a tenth of my hairs left and they are still falling out. Ah, the third picture in the German article, this is no rat in the shower, these are my hairs! Unbelievable how fast and at once all fell out. Well, I already bought a hat and two caps. I am going to put some pictures here and you can vote, which one suits me best :o)

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3 Kommentare

  1. sylvia

    Maria, wir haben genug Tuecher und Huete um fuer Abwechslung zu sorgen. Evtl. waere aber auch eine Taetowierung nicht ganz uninteressant, dann hast Du mehr Optionen. Mit Deiner einmalig positiven Einstellung kann das ueberhaupt kein Problem sein. abraco sylvia

  2. Maria

    @Sylvia: Wow – was für ein Gedanke! Wen das meine Mutti liest, flippt sie aus! :o) Hm, aber warum eigentlich nicht? Vielleicht sollte ich mir einen Troller tätowieren lassen :o)

  3. flunsi

    oh ja das find ich klasse idee.
    maria mit nem troller auf dem kopf.
    hi hi, und dann muttis gesicht. das wird der brüller..