I am back online!

Finally, after 5 weeks the brazilian Telefonica was able to install Internet at our house! What a fuss!

Well, now I got already my 5th chemo, can you believe it? How fast did this all pass by?! And only one chemo left! I am so ready to get this over with, I cannot tell! At the moment I am really pissed, because I have so little energy. My body is still not really suffering from big problems, but I am so weak for several days after the chemo. I just cannot do anything without resting afterwards some time, like climbing our 15 steps to the first floor, than I have to sit down. Getting up in the morning, changing, and already resting again. That is really depressing. Well, just one more chemo left, and after this my body will certainly recover again.

What else is new? We got furniture for our office, and I have to unpack still 30 boxes (from 230!).  The next days I will put some fotos from our house, I promise :o)


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