…I am now. Norbert shaved my head today. That was really stressfull for me, I was so afraid he will cut me, but all went well. Now it is really cold on my head, who would have guessed, that 5 hairs make such a difference! One good thing about it is, that now the wig is fitting much better and does not move a bit. If I would have known before, I would have shaved much sooner. Well, I think now I look like Bruce Willis as in Die Hard ;o).

On tuesday is my last chemo, and I am so glad about this! Please everybody think about me again and let’s hope, this will be the last one forever! Than in august will be the surgery and the next weeks I will have some checkups again like mamografie, ultrasound and CT. How everything will continue, I will hear about from my doctors the next weeks.

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