Whats new?

It is over, finally! The last chemo was 3 weeks ago! Tuesday would have been the next one, and it felt so good, not having to go again. Well, the last week I was busy making a lot of exames, my doctor sent me to. The results I will get tomorrow at my next appointment with him. Well, let´s see how it goes tomorrow.

The last two weekends we had two nice churrascos (barbecues) with a lot of friends. Had to celebrate our new house and of course the end of the chemo! It was so much fun, with lots of red meat :o) mmmhhhh yummy! Unfortunately these two days it was awfully cold and rainy. So my cold I must have cought then, which kept me in bed mostly this week.  Finaly I am well after the chemo, I suffer from this now.


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