Surgery and Recovery

Almost two weeks ago was my surgery and I am recovering very well. I have to go to fisotherapy two to three times a week and doing the excercises 4 times a day. Well, they are paying of, because I can use and move my left arm quite well, also to the astonishment of my doctor and fisotherapeut.

But now something to the surgery and the days after. 28th of august I went to the Centro Medico Hospital in Campinas and was really pleasant surprised to see a absolut modern and up to date hospital. Inside you cannot tell if it is brazilian or german. I had an appartment for one, with bath and a sofa for an acompaniing person. I was really happy that Norbert could stay there overnight. My friend Josi met us there and after some waiting time, some nurses and doctors checking in on me, I was fetched to go to surgery. It took about 2 1/2 hours and more 2 hours at the recovery room. The night after was quite ok, the nurses have been really nice and caring, and the pains were bearable. The day after I had to get up and shower (not yet 24 hours later!!), which was doable. In the afternoon my doctor showed up again and told me, I can go home. Ähm, right now??? Yes! Well, I simply declined and stayed for one more night, which was just ok. The day after I went home. So now, I am at home, dragging my drainage behind me and doing excercises. But I am doing well! At friday I will get rid of my drainage and then we will see. Saturday I have to attend a wedding, all dressed up with robe and high heels – we’ll see how this is working…

So far, all the persons were right, who told me, the surgery will be much easier than the chemo!


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  1. Meike

    …und schon sind wieder zwei Wochen vorbei… ich freue mich darauf Dich bald zu sehen :-)