New chemo has started

Tuesday I started again with chemo therapy. This time, I will get a less aggressive one combined with Herceptin, as I am Her2+. But still it is no easy one. I have to get cortisone again and it lasts more than 4 hours, as I get two half hour bottles and one, the Herceptin, will run for 3 hours. This is really trying me out. At least the catheder is working fine, it hurt a bit, putting the needle in, but than I didn`t feel anything anymore. The side effects should be less than with the first chemo, but I am already getting things, I don`t like. Heartburn, restlessnes, can`t sleep well at night and because of this being tired out at day, and some other nasty little things. Well, if its for the better, I have to cope with it… still the hair holds!

But, I was alone this time, I drove all by myself and it was no problem at all. So, mood up!

The last weeks, I had also radiation therapy, which was every day for 28 days at 10:30 in the clinic. That ment, I had to drive every day to Campinas for 15 minutes treatment. But it was ok, I did a lot other things afterwards, having lunch with friends, go shopping… Tomorrow will be the last radiation – one step more done! And I think I am lucky, because the burnings of the radiation are almost none. I also got a good tip from a friend, to use aloe-vera-lotion to ease and prevent the irritation of the skin.

This weekend, we had a nice little churrasco (barbecue) with friends at our house. What a life now compared to the one in China!!! We had a holiday this week, so Norbert was at home for 4 days in a row and we enjoyed it mostly at home, only friday we had a really stressfull day in the city, doing radiation, shopping and all errands, normaly he has no time to do ;o) We also got our new cupboard and the repaired table and chairs from the carpenter, we waited for so long. If we could only commit us to hang all our pictures, the house would finally be ready! Hope, we manage it until January, when my mom comes visiting!


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