We got visitors! My mum and my sister are visiting us. That is also the reason why I am not writing a lot at this place! We did a lot of things already, like visiting a coffeefarm near Campinas.

Now about me, I passed the last chemo very well, I had almost no side effects. But the last days I managed to get a thick arm. Meaning, liquid is filling the arm, which is indicating a lymph edem. I am really very preocupied, but my fisio therapist is more positive. Well, let`s see, how this works out… Now I am back doing my excercises again 3 times a day, I give my arm twice a day cold wraps and do more other exercises also twice a day – how could I have time writing more articles??? :o)

Well, tuesday next week I will have the next chemo, please think again positive about me!!! Thanks!


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