The last weeks…

…have been very busy. My mother still visiting, the penultimate chemo last week, physiotherapy, girls pizzanight, shopping, nasty little side effects and some barbecue. All this prevented me from writing some entries here.

Well, all in all, my last chemo wasn`t so bad, the side effects even less nasty than the other times, but as it was at the first chemo cycle, now my energy is more and more draining. Everytime I am more worn out, irritated more easily and getting tired much faster. But as I keep telling myself: just more 8 weeks and than you are feeling better. In two weeks is my last chemo and than more 4 to 6 weeks to wear the side effects down until I start to be myself again. Hopefully my hairs are going to start growing by than again, too. Today I left without my wig again! Even my mom didn`t check it! By now we are so used to me looking almost bald. Luckily I felt it just around the corner – my head was so unusually cool –  and I could go home in an instant! :o)

My lymphedem arm is doing a rollercoaster run, one day being really very thick and another day getting thin again. And nobody knows why. Well, we are all guessing, that the chemo triggered it and are hoping, that after the chemo, it will be getting better by itself. …just more 8 weeks…!


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