Passing one year and going…

Well, I almost can’t believe it, the diagnosis of Saul was already more than one year ago, the last chemo was months ago and now I am only on Herceptin once a month. Which is pretty easy, because it lasts only about an hour for 2 infusions. This is a special medication for one kind of the receptors (HER2+) my tumor had. Usually this treatment should last about one year. Another medication is Tamoxifen, which is hitting the hormonal receptors of Saul. All in all it is now about not getting Saul back instead of fighting him. Because he is already gone! All my last exams had negative results, meaning no tumors in sight! Life couldn’t be better, wouldn’t I have developed a lymph edema in my left arm (the one where they took all the lymph nodes out of the axle). My arm was so thick swollen, that I couldn’t dress anything else than sleeveless shirts. So, they started to bandage it. You can see a picture of it in one of the older German blog-entries below. Well, now I am bound to do nothing else than sparing my arm. As in "not carrying any heavy stuff", "no force at all", "no off-road-driving", "no rallies", "no heat" (how that is working in a subtropical country beats me! Well, at least we have winter now…), "no injuries", "no …" . It sucks! I was so looking forward in ending the heavy treatment months ago, so I could finally start life again. But now, I am waiting again, for my arm getting thinner again, which he is actually, getting rid of my bandages, which will be in some weeks and getting a compression sleeve though life gets easier. Ok, ok, I should not complain, because I am alive, I am treated and fighting Saul well off, and as my doctor said, more than 80 percent of patients with my type of Saul are getting tumors back during the first year! So, I am more than happy with my status at the moment – but still, I ‚d like to go back off-road!!!!


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