Icing on the cake and legacies of Saul

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More than a year ago I wrote the last article and I still have to tell you about the reconstruction of the nipple. This really happened about a year ago. I just got a local anesthesia, because I don´t feel anything with the reconstructed breast. Which was necessary as I just feel some along the scar which had to be improved, because it was really thick and ugly on some parts. Nipple pleated, scar adjusted – ready to go! So easy ;o) I didn´t even have to stay in the hospital. Went home with a little cute plastic hat over my new nipple to prevent it from being pushed in. :o)

Everything healed so good and fast, that i could go to the beach already 4 weeks after. Of course with total cover of everything and no sunbathing at all – no problem for me!

Half a year later I got the icing on the cake – tatoo of the nipple. Well, they call it dermo pigmentation, but for me it is my first tatoo! Yeah! ;o)

Well, everything went well! The last half year I felt so good, almost ready to uproot trees… until two weeks ago, when the world tumbled over me again, at least at the first shock. Damn Saul did still leave some legacies. New metastases where found in my liver at a routine ultra sound exame.

Luckily I already had an appointment scheduled with my oncologist and she really calmed me down. She said, we still have a lot of possibilities for treatment and will do it now with oral chemotherapy instead of intravenous. I have to take every day 2 pills, one Exemestrano and one Everolimo. The Arimidex I got after the last chemotherapy for profilactic antihormonal therapy I have to stop because of the new therapy.

Well – here it goes again, let´s fight it!


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